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Historic dates
Exactly 33 years ago on September 28, 1988, the Soviet Ilyushin Il-96-300 widebody airliner flew for the first time.
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The gallery is an absolute must when you visit this site. It contains the most extensive collection of danish aircraft pictures on the net.
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The interactive F16 gives you a chance to learn a little about the F16 in a fun and interactive way.
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Todays Aviation joke
There were three pilots one was from navy, second one was from air force and the third one was from an airline. All of them were talking big about themselves.

The air force pilot said: "we pilots in air force are the best, we got such good brains that if something happens to us and our brains get scattered, our doctors are so good that they collect all our brains put it together and next day we are back in flying."

The navy pilot said: "we pilots in the navy are the best, we got such strong guts that we take off and land on the moving ship, if something happens to us and our guts get scattered in the sea then our doctors are so good they collect all our guts, put them together and next day we are back in flying.

The Airline pilot was listening to them very patiently, when both of them finished he said: "we pilots from the airline are the best, we have no brains and no guts but still we fly."

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