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Mil 17V-5


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  • MI-17V-5

  • MI-17V-5

  • MI-17V-5

  • MI-17V-5

  •  YEAR:...............2017
     ENGINE TIME(S)40 



    Mi-17V-5 multipurpose helicopter is a modernization of Mi-
    17 rotorcraft, which has acquired a positive reputation during its
    operation in many countries of the world. Helicopter has advanced
    performance and is fitted with dolphin type nose, ramp, additional
    right sliding door, left widened sliding door.
    The Mi-17V-5 is a single-rotor scheme helicopter with the tail rotor.
    The helicopter is powered by two ТV3-117VМ gas turbine engines
    with take-off power 2,000 h.p. (also can be equipped with VK-
    2500-03 engines) that provide high flight safety level as the flight
    is possible in case of one engine failure. Helicopter has the main rotor
    with five blades and tail rotor with three blades.


    Can be colored due to the client's demand


    To improve comfort conditions and safety of crew operation
    helicopter can be fitted with comfortable crashworthy pilot seats
    with retractable safety belts.
    For more comfortable transportation of service passengers the
    helicopter cargo cabin can be equipped with 10 two-passenger
    removable armchairs.
    To reduce heat loss and noise level in cargo cabin it is possible
    to install additional noise insulation system.
    It is possible to install quick-release lavatory cabin in the cargo
    cabin of helicopter.
    Fuselage can be equipped with rectangular jettisonable
    windows of better visibility instead of round windows.


    Please, ask for the specs.


    The radio navigation equipment is intended for:
    - navigation of the helicopter by using signals of omnirange
    and broadcasting radio stations,
    - homing the helicopter to the radio beacons on continuous
    and pulse radiation in case of aircraft, crew and other objects
    - to route the helicopter to the landing aerodrome area;
    - to ensure helicopter landing;
    - to define the navigation data required for a flight mission;
    - for automatic and continuous measurement and indication
    of components of ground speed vector, drift angle and
    reckoning of the helicopter position spherical coordinates;
    - detection of convective moisture targets and its danger for
    the flight as well as for navigation of typical radar landmarks.
    Radio equipment in basic configuration comprises:
    - АRK-15М automatic direction finder;
    - А-037 low-altitude radio altimeter.
    Radio navigation equipment is controlled by the command
    units located on the remote control panels and SPU interphone
    It is also possible installation of the following equipment:
    - RDR 2000, RDR-1400C, RDR-1600, 8А-813Ц radars;
    - DISS-32-90 (DISS-15E), СМА-2012 Doppler system instruments;
    - ABRIS navigation system;
    - KLN 90В, GPS-155XL, TNL-2101 Plus, CH3301, CH3700 satellite
    navigation systems;
    - GNS-430 (GNS-530) (all-in-one GPS/Nav. VOR/ILS /Comm. VHF)
    complex instrument;
    - KURS MP-70-18 (VOR/ILS), VIM-95, KN-53, Bendix/King KNR
    634A navigation systems;
    - PNP-72-15 flight navigation instrument;
    - SN 4500 navigation instrument;
    - KDF 806 direction finder;
    - ARK-UD VHF direction finder;
    - KRA 405B radio altimeter;
    - КN-62А, KN-63, KDM-706А, VND-94, DME-4000, SD-75M radar
    range finders;
    - KNEI-8 complex of navigation and electronic indication
    integrated system.


    Standard delivery conditions of new Мi-17V-5 helicopter
    - guarantee according to the contract requirements (usually 12
    months or 300 fl ight hours);
    - individual kit of spare parts, tools and equipment;
    - maintenance kit, contained spare parts and equipment set;
    - technical documentation.
    Helicopter delivery to the Customer is carried out on agreement -
    by sea or air, also it is possible helicopter direct ferry flight.
    Helicopter manufacturer provides a wide range of services
    related to the helicopter operation, such as:
    - full technical support during helicopters operation;
    - guaranteed spare parts supply under AOG requirements during
    the whole period of helicopter operation;
    - helicopter modernization;
    - helicopter overhaul both at Kazan Helicopters or Customerīs
    - flight and maintenance personnel training in Kazan Helicopters
    training center or at the Customerīs base.

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