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2001Robinson R44 Clipper I w/PopOuFL3833140000
2004Robinson R22 Beta II (OHd 2017FL4591200000
2006Robinson R44 Raven II w/ACFL1871295000
2008Robinson R44 Raven II w/ACFL2538399000
2011Robinson R44 Raven II w/ACFL990425000
2011Robinson R44 Raven II w/Pop OuFL23192319435000
1982Bell B3 ranger 206CO413513TSMOH548000
2023Robinson R44 Raven II (or ClipFL4679740
1989Cessna caravan 208CO21522152TSNEW798000
1986Bell 412TX71852595000
1990Boeing 737-300FZW3209834331TSNEW34083TSNEW6000000
2023Robinson R44 Raven II with A/CFLCall
1994Boeing B747-400FFL87520Call
2008Cessna Grand C208BZW13643Call
1999Cessna Grand C208BZW17438Call
1989Eurocopter BK117B2CAN11149110110Call
2014Airbus H125CHCall
1984Piper PA31P-350 MojaveNY5825570TSMOH570TSMOHCall
2023Robinson R44 Raven IIFL4Call
2004Robinson R44 Raven IICH2200Call
2023Robinson R44 Raven II w/ACFL4Call
2023Robinson R44 Raven IIFL4Call
2023Robinson R44 Raven IIFL4Call
2005Eurocopter EC 120BCHCall
2020Guimbal Cabri G2CHCall
1980Eurocopter AS350BACH7673Call
2023Robinson R44 Raven IIFL4Call
2000Robinson R22 Beta 2CHCall
2006Cessna C182T SkylaneNY2661TSMOHCall