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1975Cessna Cessna 421B Ram W/ACCATSMOHTSMOH13000
1990JT15D-1A JT15D-1ABR45000
2009Robinson R44 Raven IICH161554000
2000Robinson R22 Beta 2CH71000
1996Cessna 550BR4864486485000
2003Robinson R44 Clipper II w/PopOFL6556139000
2009Robinson R44 Raven IICH4280159000
2010Robinson R44 Clipper II w/Pop-FL2119200000
2004Robinson R22 Beta II IFR TrainFL4593210000
1995Learjet 31ABR4864TSMOH4864TSMOH250000
2016Robinson R44 Raven I w/AutopilFL1712299000
2015Robinson R44 Raven IFL412299000
2011Robinson R44 Raven II w/ACFL1026425000
2015Robinson R44 Clipper II w/Pop-FL747440500
2019Robinson Raven II w/AC w/GlassFL549495000
1999Cessna XLSBR4864TSMOH4864TSMOH500000
2013Robinson R66 w/AC w/Dart Pop OFL1318550000
2025Robinson R44 Raven II w/AutopiFL0704349
2023Robinson Raven II w/AC w/GlassFL130785000
2023Robinson R44 Clipper II with AFL38799000
2024Robinson R44 Raven IIFL4Call
2024Robinson R44 Raven IIFL4Call
1981Cessna 182NY3875460TSMOHCall
2025Robinson R44 Raven IIFL4Call
2025Robinson R44 Raven IIFL4Call
2025Robinson R44 Raven IIFL4Call
1985767 200ERMOCall
1984B767 200ERMOCall
1988B767 200ERMOCall
1985B767 200ERMOCall
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