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1970Beechcraft A60 Duke first $105NC43001197TSMOH1376TSMOH105000
2016Robinson R22 Beta IIFL1694125000
2011Robinson R22 Beta II (OHd 2017FL3251155000
2014Robinson R44 Raven II with A/CFL2199165000
2005Columbia 400GA970970TSNEW210000
2004Cessna 172S SkyhawkGA10991099TSNEW220000
2004Cessna 172SP SkyhawkGA1099220000
2004Robinson R44 Clipper II w/PopOFL1230250000
2006Robinson R44 Raven II w/ACFL1653 298000
2017Robinson R44 CadetFL319300000
2006Robinson R44 Raven II w/ACFL1122349000
2006Robinson R44 Raven II w/AC (OHFL2774360000
2022Robinson R44 Raven IFL4410680
1982Bell B3 ranger 206CO413513TSMOH548000
2013Beechcraft G36 BonanzaMA591591TSNEW579900
2013Robinson R66 Marine w/AC w/ApiFL934699000
1989Cessna caravan 208CO21522152TSNEW798000
1999Eurocopter EC120BTX2657895000
2004Agusta AW119 KOALATX6245995000
2010Bell 407TX40502095000
1986Bell 412TX71852595000
1990Boeing 737-300FZW3209834331TSNEW34083TSNEW6000000
1998Boeing B747-400FIL68372TSMOH8500000
2007Cirrus SR22 G3 TurboGA10011001TSNEWCall
2020Airbus A320NEO for saleMC202020Call
2020Airbus A321NEO for saleMC202020Call
2012Eurocopter AS 350 B3eCH2076Call
1990Eurocopter AS 350 B2CHCall
2007Cessna 172S Skyhawk SPCA11601160TSNEWCall
1980Eurocopter AS 350 BACHCall
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